Event Production

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 Silver Package
    Meet with Ogden Events Executive Producer for a one-on-one or group session on planning your next event or fundraiser.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. Followed by a detailed “How To” training session specific to your event needs and an event plan.
    Fees: Hourly.
Gold Package
    For more hands on training, this package includes consultation and event production. This package is ideal for organizations with pre-existing staff or volunteers.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. A one-on-one planning session specific to your event needs including event plan, time line and delegation of tasks. Basic training for groups including break out sessions for coordinators. Includes designing public relations materials and assisting marketing. Overseeing and managing day-of event production.
    Fees: Small retainer and additional flat fee per participant on public events.
Platinum Package
    The highest level of packages is also the most hands on package available. This is ideal for new organizations or groups looking for fundraising support.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. Creating plans for logistics, budget and marketing, including public relations materials. Solicitation of donations and support staff. Day of event production by Ogden Events staff.
    Fees: Flat fee retainer and percentage of funds rose.