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Silver Package
    This package includes consultation on race production. Ideal for groups who have experience in race directing, fund raising and public events.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. Basic training on event management and assisting in creating plans for execution. Race timing through Big Time Race Management.
    Fee: Hourly consultation fee and fixed rate on timing.
Gold Package
    For this package we offer training, plan making and material building on top of timing services. This is ideal for groups who have support staff, networks and a general knowledge of race management.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. Creation of event management, marketing and solicitation plan. Creation of public relations and marketing materials. Overall race management including site and route design. Day-of management and race timing by Big Time Race Management.
    Fees: Minimal base fee and fixed rate timing.
Platinum Package
    This is a complete race production package including everything from planning to execution. This is ideal groups who have no race experience or need funds raised.
    Process: One hour complimentary consultation. Organizing logistics and creating plans for marketing, public relations, registration and budget. Solicitation of donations, volunteers and need for event. Site and route design. Day-of management by Ogden Events and professional timing by Big Time Race Management.
    Fees: Flat fee and percentage of funds rose in addition to fix rate for timing.